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What will it cost?

BioScan screening

First appointment - £62
Subsequent appointments - £50

Allergy Therapy

First appointment - £62
Subsequent appointments - £50

Both of the above together

£100 SAVING OF £24

Frequently asked questions


Why have a test? I don't have an allergy, I just don't feel very good!

As the symptoms are many and varied and don't always happen immediately you have been exposed to the substance, you may not know that the cause of you not feeling on top form may be due to an sensitivity/intolerant reaction. If you have been through all sorts of tests without result, or simply think your problem too trivial to take to your doctor, then testing could give you surprising results. PLEASE NOTE THIS TYPE OF TESTING ONLY CHECKS FOR INTOLERANCE, NOT TRUE ALLERGY. THE LATTER REQUIRES TESTING WHICH IS ONLY AVAILABLE THROUGH MEDICAL CHANNELS. IF YOUR SYMPTOMS INCLUDE SWOLLEN LIPS, THROAT CONSTRICTION, SEVERE BREATHING DIFFICULTIES OR LEAD YOU TO THINK YOU HAVE A TRUE ALLERGY, PLEASE CONSULT WITH YOUR GP.

Do I have to do anything before I come?

No, you can eat and drink as normal, although you will need to make sure you are properly hydrated by drinking 6-8 glasses water during the day before your test. You should be doing this anyway, as dehydration will only add to your problems, whatever they are! If you are dehydrated, help will be offered as part of your consultation. You will also be asked to bring any supplements you are currently taking, so that they can be tested for suitability for you.

I'm on medication - will this be a problem?

The only medications that you would be asked not to take for 3-4 days before testing are self prescribed Antihistamines. These dampen down your immune response and could lead to innacurate test results. All other medications can be taken as normal and shouldn't affect the results.

How many sessions would I need? How long are they?

You will normally need 2-3 sessions over 3-4 months for allergy therapy, sometimes more for deeper testing (see BioScan Health Screening page). The first session is normally one to one an a quarter hours, with further consultations around an hour. At the first session, you will be asked to give a detailed account of you and your lifestyle (if you haven't already been sent a questionnaire), before testing takes place.

What will happen at the test?

Testing is non invasive and painless.You will not be asked to remove any clothing apart from shoes and socks. You are asked to hold a brass rod and a small brass probe is then placed on a finger or toe. Both of these are linked to computer and the device records the results of your reactions to a small electrical charge put through the machine. When all the results have been taken and a coloured graph report printed out, the results will be discussed, and your personalised programme put together. Remedies and supplements can be sourced through me, as I will have tested them for suitability for you, although you will, of course be free to buy your own if you prefer.

What next?

You will leave with printed reports and information on how to take your remedies. Generally, you will asked to come back after 4, 6 or 8 weeks for a retest. You will be offered support and contact with me throughout this time, should you need it.

Who can be tested?

Both types of testing are non-invasive and suitable for everyone, from babies to the elderly. However, in the case of very young children and babies we sometimes modify the testing methods. This will be explained to you at your appointment.


Why have Scenar Therapy?

It's unlike anything you are likely to have tried before and gets results where other treatments have failed, in the majority of cases.

Are there any reasons why I can't have Scenar therapy?

The only reasons you would be unable to have Scenar treatment are if you have a pacemaker or other electronic implant in your body, if you are severely Epileptic, are severely mentally ill or under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs.

Does it hurt? Are there any side effects?

No, it is extremely comfortable to receive and many people find it positively relaxing. Side effects tend to be improved sleep, better mood and balanced appetite!! Occasionally you may feel worse for a day or two after a session, as the brain learns to assimilate the information it is being given and old issues return. This is a normal response and should be seen as a very positive sign. It doesn't happen in all cases and is usually very short lived.

How many sessions will I need?

Recent injury and acute pain normally respond to treatment very quickly, often in seconds, so a minimum of appointments would be needed. For longer term, chronic conditions, you may need up to 10 treatments for best results, although often the course would be much shorter.

Do I have to do anything before I come?

No, although you will be asked not to shower for 2 hours either side of treatment.

It sounds like TENS, which stopped working for me after a while.
How is Scenar different?

TENS and similar devices are only designed to block pain, not to deal with the cause of it, as SCENAR does. They emit only one signal frequency, which the body quickly gets used to and blocks, therefore lessening/stopping the results. The electrical signals emitted by the SCENAR device change rapidly during treatment, according to the body's reaction and also by the therapist's intervention. This means that there is no possibility of building up an immunity to, or blocking the signal. It also enables a full healing cycle to be completed, making it unlikely, after you've had a full course, that you would need more treatment for the same condition. Please see SCENAR page for a more detailed explanation.

For more information about the science behind the therapy and testimonials about the increasing use of SCENAR around the world, or to look for a SCENAR therapist in your own area, please visit

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