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I would like to say a big thank you for helping me with the Scenar treatment.
For anybody else who may be wondering if Scenar is for them, I would recommend it without hesitation.
I have suffered for many years with unbearable pain and tiredness, which resulted in me missing lots of school.
Having seen numerous doctors and consultants and being prescribed lots of different medicines, creams, and lotions, I was beginning to think that I was going to just have to live with this awful pain. Eventually, I was diagnosed with a condition called Vulvodynia and given medication to control the pain. Unfortunately this did not work, so Jacquey suggested that I try Scenar treatment. I am delighted to say that after 6 treatments I am pain free for the first time in many years, and I finally feel that my condition has been treated. I feel like I have my life back again! I knew as soon as I started the treatment that it was going to work, my body just felt better.
Thank you so much Jacquey!

Katie - Buckinghamshire


After suffering with very bad and disabling pains in both my hips due to hip dysplasia, I finally took the plunge and visited Jaquey for treatment. By this time the pain was so bad that I was woken every morning between 4 and 5am and could only manage during the day with lots of very strong painkillers. My love of long walks and gardening could hardly be indulged in any longer and I was walking like an 80year old woman despite being very much younger! My doctor had advised against a hip replacement due to my age and I was literally at the end of my tether.

Jaquey was very warm and professional at the same time. She explained everything very well to me and I actually enjoyed the treatment itself and even more the unbelievable improvements in my mobility and being pain free. Yes being pain free!!! After the first treatment I was able to reduce the quantity of daily pain killers and by the 4th treatment I had stopped all pain killers for good and was able to walk like a normal person again! So much though that my husband saw me walking towards him but didn't recognise me at first as he was used to seeing me hobble. It has now been several weeks since my last treatment (altogether I had 6) and I am still pain free and able to slowly build up my gardening and walks!

I would and have recommended this treatment for anyone with any pains. My results were just staggeringly fantastic and I feel that I have been given my life back!

I can't thank Jaquey enough!!!!

Warmest wishes


Dear Jacquey
Today I had the results of my x-ray on my pelvis and my doctor says I have arthritis in my left hip as a result of my bike accident in 1979 she said it was depreciated enough to confirm I am eligible for a hip replacement but due to the fact my chronic hip pain has been completely alleviated by the Scenar treatment (she was amazed as when she saw me 1 month ago I couldn't walk without a stick) I said I would like to carry on as long as I can due to the fact that I would like to avoid an aesthetic and surgery if possible.
She understood & said to let her know when I am ready to have one meanwhile she will be investigating the Scenar as she was unaware of its' existence & ability to help like this with pain in this way.
Penny Munro


I was recommended the treatment by Jacquey by my partner's friend. I was apprehensive and skeptical when first told about this Scenar treatment, as I had always used a sports physio in the past having massages etc when my back became problematic.

My on going symptoms were , restrictive movement in my neck, pain in shoulders, lower back pain, and pain in my elbows. I work in construction so have a heavy work load most days.

Initial two treatments gave me full rotation of my neck, left and right and up and down, and pain had gone from my shoulders.
Third and fourth treatments concentrated on my elbow joints, and on final session I still had lower back pain. The Scenar pointed this out within ten minutes of that last session, and the treatment on the rest of that session was concentrated on that area, it was immediate relief, and the next morning I felt total relief and fantastic . Even my golf was good that day.

Jacquey was always very professional and always gave good explanation of the treatment each session., with do,s and don't,s of what to do whilst being treated.

Although skeptical at first I was willing to give it a go. After a couple It could have been all too easy to stop treatment as I wasn't convinced it was working as I had lots of twinges and different pains , Jacquey said this was all normal.
I decided that this was to be an investment of "trust it will work," going on recommendations, and not just a money investment .... It's no good going in half hearted, you need to see the treatment through for results.

I looked upon this as a permanent solution to the problem, rather than a sticking plaster approach of physio very few months, as I've done in the past.

I highly recommend Jacquey and the treatment to anyone who suffers from all kinds of aches and pains.
Thank you Jacquey .


Since using Scenar I have come off all pain medication.

Ms R.W

Dear Jacquey,

I want to say thank you so much for the treatment you did on the back of my knee. As you know I am a professional Toastmaster, and with the pain I was experiencing I found it difficult to perform my duties. It is not unusual to be standing for periods of up to eight hours. After two treatments the problem disappeared and it has not reoccurred.

You have made all the difference to my working life and I would recommend you to any one who would require your expertise.

Once again, thank you so much.

Kind regards

Gordon Haining F.N.A.T.
Fellow of the National Association of Toastmasters

I have had a lower back problem, caused by a protuding disc pressing on a nerve, for several years. When this becomes acute, which was happening quite frequently, it is extremely painful and restricts my movement.
Normally a flare up would take several weeks to heal and I would be unable to exercise or even walk properly. I have tried various therapies but have found none as effective as the Scenar treatments from Jacquey.

When I saw Jacquey for the first time I could hardly stand but by the end of the session I was able to straighten up without pain, and after three treatments, was able to go running again.

Since this time I have had two more sessions with Jacquey and in the eight months since, have had no further problems. This is why I would highly recommend Scenar therapy and Jacquey to anyone with a back complaint.

Ms HF - Milton Keynes

Dear Jacquey,

I thought I'd send you an account of my recent experience of Scenar in the hope that it is of interest to other people who may be considering the treatment.
For over a period of about 6 months I experienced spasms in my neck. These were painful, came with no warning and were becoming increasingly frequent.
I have an old neck injury from childhood, but otherwise there was no obvious cause for the spasms.
After one Scenar treatment the spasms became less frequent and not as painful.
After my second Scenar treatment the spasms went completely, and 8 months later I am still spasm-free.
Scenar treatments have brought me great relief and peace of mind. I would highly recommend Scenar treatment to others and I would like to add that I found you to be very professional and efficient.

From T Ward, Leighton Buzzard

I saw Jacquey O’Brien for Scenar treatment and I was thrilled how quickly I noticed the benefits! Within 3 treatments my ankle and back pain had gone completely! I don’t totally understand how this treatment works, but I felt much more relaxed and balanced after receiving it!

Caron Vetter - Aylesbury


“At 49, I had been diagnosed with a problem in my lower spine for which there was no cure, leaving me in almost constant pain and unable to exercise or do simple jobs like the gardening. A painkilling injection into my spine had worked very well but only lasted 8 weeks. I was faced with the prospect of a more radical surgical intervention or managing the condition through pain killers and lifestyle changes. I was feeling despondent about this when I saw Jacquey’s poster about SCENAR treatment. As the treatment is non-invasive and uses no drugs, I felt confident that it was unlikely to do any harm (and might even do some good!), so, with nothing to lose but my pain, I started a course of treatment.

If you think you know anything about anatomy and medicine, be prepared to be amazed. SCENAR works in ways you can only begin to imagine. I don’t understand the full science behind it, but I do know that after a course of 8 treatments, I am nearly back to normal. I can walk, run (a bit), do pilates and yoga and even do the gardening. I haven’t taken a painkiller in 6 weeks and experience only minor twinges in my back. Best of all, is that the treatment has given me confidence that my body can heal itself (when given a suitable prompt), and there is an alternative to painkillers and surgery.”

Mrs J M Leighton Buzzard


As a normally open minded busy person when I was diagnosed with MS 5 years ago I was determined not to just be put onto medication and to watch myself go downhill but to try complementary therapies and meditation - a decision supported by my consultant neurosurgeon at Stoke Mandeville.
So after seeing results from Jacquey's Scenar treatment with friends I decided to give it a go! The symptoms at that time 1 year ago involved random pain in my thighs made it very uncomfortable to walk and a lack of clarity in my brain as my head seemed to have hot spots when I tried to do exercise of any sort and tiredness was extreme sometimes.
After my first Scenar treatment the pain in my thighs went away and never returned and then regular treatments over 6 weeks resulted in greater clarity in my brain and now I can't remember the last time I had a "hot spot"! After seeing my consultant yearly he now recommends I go every 2 years to monitor progress!!

Thank you so much Jacquey for all your kindness and support. It is a treatment that I thoroughly recommend to anyone who has ANY kind of inability to function as they wish to and want the functions of brain to be rebalanced!!

Penny Munro

At the age of 48 I was diagnosed with Parkinsons. I have always, and still do, maintain a healthy lifestyle through diet and regular exercise, minor illnesses and ailments are dealt with using natural and complementary therapy when and where possible. Reiki and Reflexology are regular features in my calendar. However my PD Symptoms were as such that medication was unavoidable even though they eventually become counter productive. Hence when I discovered Jacquey and Scenar therapy I was keen to see what, if anything, it could do for me. After a series of Scenar sessions the use of my left arm/ hand has been restored, to the point of being able to use a knife AND fork when eating - the first time in 4 years. I have been avoiding my neurologists suggestion of using botox to alleviate the constant dystonia (sustained, painful twisting muscle contractions) in both feet. My avoidance paid off, within 2 sessions of Scenar therapy the dystonia in my right foot was only intermittent and the left had eased to a tolerable degree. This continues to show improvement after session 5 and am encouraged that through further treatments other symptoms may be alleviated or improved.

If only I'd known about Jacquey and Scenar therapy when I was diagnosed 6 years ago!
CM - Bedfordshire


I have had M.E. for 25 years. Jacquey gave me 6 sessions of SCENAR which have banished my chest pain, upper arm pain, and throat pain, and I have much more energy.
I am very grateful to Jacquey.

Wendy Leighton Buzzard



My name is Chloe, I’m 30 years old and I have Multiple Sclerosis. I had been taking disease modifying drugs for 9 months after a period of relapses, but they were leaving me with awful side effects every time that I injected. I decided to try alternative therapies and stumbled upon Jacquey O’ Brien completely by chance. Jacquey recommended that I have a course of Scenar therapy to banish all of my symptoms of chronic fatigue that have been plaguing me since diagnosis.
When I had my first treatment with Scenar, I was in the midst of a relapse. I was experiencing burning down my arms, legs and neck, and pain in the front of my thighs and I was utterly exhausted.
After the first treatment I noticed the pain in my legs had completely disappeared. Several treatments later and my energy levels were rising. The burning has also decreased.
I would definitely recommend Scenar treatment to anyone with chronic fatigue and pain.

Miss C. P - Aylesbury


At the beginning of 2014, I was struggling with pains in my left hip and other referred pain from it.
Having visited my g.p I had x-Rays showing I had degeneration and a lesion on my left hip.
I struggled on and off during 2014 with pain and discomfort. And a general refusal to take pain relief!
I am a very active person aged 66, who swims on 4-5 days a week, walks a great deal and sails dinghies and yachts.
By the autumn I was aware that my lifestyle was being affected,as was my general well-being.
I began a course of Scenar treatments with Jacquey O'Brien.
I have no previous understanding of this treatment and began it with a certain amount of scepticism.
After seven treatments I am still lacking in understanding of the treatment but have found untold benefits in it! My previous lifestyle has resumed, my sleep pattern restored and the discomfort almost disappeared, all without drugs!
Sue L.


Allergy (intolerance) testing and Nutritional Screening

I've been meaning to let you know my progress. As you can gather I am over the moon.
My IBS type of thing has gone !!!! I'm a once a day girl !!!! My energy levels have been great. And with out trying I lost 6lb in weight & my belt have gone up 4 notches !!!!!
This has all been amazing.
My clients have noticed a difference & it's not difficult to recommend someone I know will be able to help them.
Chloe - the granddaughter is a different girl, which again has boosted her confidence about herself.
I will be touch to see you in June
A very happy Nikki x

Dear Jacquey
I wanted to write a testimonial so others could hear about the amazing difference you made to my life.
After I had twins I suffered acute tiredness so much so that by 1 o’clock in the afternoon my vision would falter, I would feel extremely faint and could only just manage to put the kids down for a nap before I would have to crawl to bed. After a year of visiting the doctors begging for help as I knew it was not caused by normal tiredness associated with young children, getting blood tests which showed borderline limits for most things (but not a good enough result that the doctors would treat me) I found you. Within half an hour you established what my body was lacking and the powder you recommended to me was beyond fantastic! Within a week I felt my normal self and all my energy came back, it was such a huge relief!!

Since then, as I have always suffered with allergies, eczema and intolerances since I was a child, I make sure I always come to you for a “MOT”! Everything you have recommended has always made a dramatic improvement to my health and now my family also come to you for advice and guidance.

I can’t thank you enough for all the support you have given me both at the sessions and also taking the time to respond to any emails I send you.

Thank you again Faye, Leighton Buzzard


Just a short note to let you know that since our meet back in April I am feeling like a new person after
changing my diet habits and that's all thanks to seeing you! Money well spent!

I will certainly recommend you to our family and friends!

CY - Leighton Buzzard

Dear Jacquey,
I want to say THANK YOU for your help in dealing with my hay fever symptoms. I am 28 years old and I had hay fever for as long as I can remember. From May when the trees and shrubs start blossoming till September when it is a hay and grass cutting season I have had a runny nose, itchy eyes and severe sneezing. I had to think twice before going outside. It is a pity when you cannot go for a pick nick or simply go for a walk especially having a small child who wants to play outside.
In 28 years I have done my analysis to find out I am allergic to hay and pollen. I had to take anti histamine medicine to kill the allergy symptoms. But the tablets will last for about 2 hours and then all the symptoms would re appear again.
I have started taking remedies Jacquey send me through in May 2013, and what a result. I did not have any allergy symptoms till mid-June. I do have a runny nose and a bit of red eyes now when the pollen concentration is very high, but I do hope these symptoms will go away after two years treatment.
Thanks Jacquey! You are doing a fantastic job helping people out.
Inna V


"The treatment I had with Jacquey at Libra Health has enabled me to enjoy visiting relatives and friends who own animals for the first time. In fact for the first time in 18 years I am now able to own my own pet, without adverse allergic reactions of running nose, sneezing, itchy rash and chest tightness.

In little over six weeks, my allergies were less pronounced and I was ready to start testing my reactions to previous allergens. I would recommend trying this treatment to anyone with allergies, I have told so many people about this treatment who just didn’t know it was available or as effective".

Thank you so much

Jenny Sawford


I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU! I feel a hundred times better since starting the regime you recommended for me. It's so great to feel normal again, I had forgotten what it was like!! I have even had a couple of winter bugs and for the first time in years I didn't freak out, think I was dying or send myself in to a mad panic, it's incredible! I haven't even needed to use the panic procedure you taught me (although it is easily accessible, just in case!)

Amy - Leighton Buzzard


My problem goes back many many years - around 25 I seem to recall. I had an allergy problem which my doctor said was due to spores from fir trees as it always started in September each year. I went backwards and forwards to different specialists but with no result.

This allergy then got worse with sneezing, painful eyes, ears etc, and was starting to appear any time throughout the year. It also was making me feel unwell for up to six weeks at a time. I decided that something must be done once and for all. On talking to my Osteopath about it he recommended I should make an appointment to see Jacquey as he felt sure that she could help me.

I first visited Jacquey in October 2010 who quickly discovered that my problem did not just relate to a tree allergy but many other things, including a bad lymph drainage system.

Over the past two years I have been taking various forms of remedies to address my allergies and today (1 December 2012) all my tests are positive. I feel so much better and I know some of you may think 2 years seems a long time but as my problem was so deep seated it took that time to finally clear it. I WOULD THOROUGHLY RECOMMEND THIS TREATMENT. Jacquey has a very caring personality and her ultimate goal is to make you feel well.

Avril Jackson - Aylesbury


Dear Jacquey ,

After the excellent results my son received I thought it relevant to write you a thank you.

Michael my son has suffered from Hay fever for most of his life and he is 28 years old now. The main symptoms were itching eyes, nose and throat. Each year he would end up with infected eyes as he is a Chef working in a hot kitchen. He tried all medical remedies visiting the Doctor each year. I suggested he took the remedies that you suggested and after his consultation he started to take the course of drops - his quality of life was so much better, particularly not having to take the medication. His symptoms in 2012 were so much less than normal years and his eyes did not get infected. He is going to repeat the process this year as you have suggested and is happy that he is dealing with his problem naturally, using remedies which don’t give him any side effects.

Kindest Regards,
Annette Clare


I suffered with a recurring and unpleasant skin rash called hives (aka nettle rash, aka urticaria) for a period of four years. My GP said that the condition was allergy related and he could not offer any assistance. I contacted Jacquey for help following a recommendation from my barber!
Tests for sensitivities and intolerances were carried out and four main problems, including gluten, were identified. Supplements and dietary changes were suggested. The treatments have proved to be successful, despite the ongoing need to carry out further improvements to my diet.
It is now over seven months that I have been clear of hives for which I am indebted to Jacquey and her expertise.

RC, Northchurch

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